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Financial Advisor Newport, RI

Oceanstate Financial Services serves as one of the leading financial advisors in Newport, Rhode Island. We offer expert advice encompassing financial planning, from setting goals to maintaining financial security. Our financial advisors are committed to helping clients achieve their financial freedom, providing a wide range of wealth management services designed to suit the needs of individuals, families, and businesses alike.

You can create a better tomorrow by utilizing our investment advisory and retirement planning tools. If you are searching for a qualified financial advisor in the Newport, RI area, look no further than Oceanstate Financial Services. Need more information? Schedule your consultation, or submit questions and concerns by contacting us today.

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<b>Our Mission At Oceanstate Financial Services</b>

Our Mission At Oceanstate Financial Services

Oceanstate Financial uses a variety of tools to help you reach your financial goals, including conventional and innovative methods. Our ultimate goal as your financial advisor is to provide wealth service solutions to individuals and businesses, in an effort to surpass the expectations surrounding our current financial landscape. Reach out to a financial planner today, and let's see what type of financial plan we can put together to suit your needs.

Our Wealth Advisors

We want our RI neighbors to consider investing with the us. Meet one of the top financial advisor teams Newport, Rhode Island has to offer.

In need of financial advice? We are here to serve you!

Using Effective Strategies to Shape an Ideal Tomorrow

As the top financial advisor firm of Newport, RI, Oceanstate Financial has developed a variety of tools to help local businesses and individuals reach their financial goals. Our services include corporate financial planning, personal financial planning, and investment strategies, just to name a few. For more information about what we offer, check out our following services.

<b>Financial Planning</b>

Financial Planning

Make your money work for you. An understanding of how your money is used serves as the very foundation of financial planning. We work closely with each client, optimizing financial surplus, creating spending and saving strategies, and utilizing the best tools to pay down debt.

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<b>&#160;Wealth Management Services</b>

 Wealth Management Services

Investment planning involves an assessment of personal objectives and goals, a time horizon, and a perspective on "risk" vs "return". Our financial advisors evaluate each account's expenses and taxation to create long-term results and success.

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<b>Planning for Retirement</b>

Planning for Retirement

Planning for retirement comes in different packages. Oceanstate Financial strives to understand your goals in terms of retirement life, such as your current state, where you want to be, and how you want to live. Our financial professionals guide clients along an optimized path, whether or not they're already in retirement.

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<b>Risk Management</b>

Risk Management

Assessing risks is part of our daily routine as financial advisors, and we understand that life is full of unexpected turns. Many unforeseen circumstances can have a profound impact on your financial future, especially without financial planning. We assess our client's insurance portfolios to assess coverages and costs, in order to determine the best strategy for their needs.

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<b>Investing in Higher Learning</b>

Investing in Higher Learning

Higher education comes at a price many families cannot afford. With the rising costs of attending college, there has never been a better time to prioritize higher learning. Our investment advisors can help manage your higher education investing goals for future generations.

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<b>Estate Planning</b>

Estate Planning

Building wealth is directly affected by your long-term goals. Oceanstate Financial assists clients with planning for their future financial needs, offering industry experience in estate planning. We ensure our clients are equipped to leave a legacy, protect their assets, and take care of their families even after they're gone.

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<b>Major Purchases</b>

Major Purchases

Planning for your major purchases is key to a successful plan. We can ease the burden of major spending decisions while continuing to manage your wealth. Seeking advice from our RI financial firm lessens the impact of large purchases, ensuring the exploration of every possible option and tool available.

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<b>Employee Benefits &#38; Retirement</b>

Employee Benefits & Retirement

Your company must take the proper actions in ensuring employees are taken care of, especially after you have attracted talented employees. Our current employment crisis is no joke and, if your employees are to be retained, you must provide adequate benefits and retirement packages.

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Hiring a Financial Advisor in Rhode Island

A Client-Centered Approach

We want our clients to achieve financial wealth by planning, setting and achieving their financial goals. Our advisors are there for you every step of the way, ensuring your investments are allocated according to where you are in life. Oceanstate Financial offers years of experience in financial planning to clients across Newport, RI through one-on-one wealth management services.

Keeping You Front & CenterWe can take the mystery out of your financial future, and protect your family by preserving assets and building wealth. Our team prioritizes the needs of our clients, especially in terms of retirement, wealth, and other financial services.

Take the Guesswork Out of Planning for the Future

Planning for a successful financial future is tough. Oceanstate Financial helps clients achieve financial stability throughout retirement, by utilizing tools and data based on current market conditions. Our financial planners impart years of experience in finance and investments upon each client, creating personalized services to meet their needs.

Expert Wealth Investment Services

We take a client-centered approach to financial planning. At Oceanstate Financial, we strive to provide the highest quality financial advice to clients situated around Newport, Rhode Island. We take a great interest in understanding your overall financial goals, including retirement, investments, and building wealth, and work closely with you and your family to create a financial plan catered to your needs.

Your Success is Our Goal

From setting up an initial consultation to detailing investing and consulting services, the financial advisors of Oceanstate Financial are ready to answer your questions and concerns. Whether you need financial advice or portfolio management, we can help you build wealth and improve your financial situation in Rhode Island.

Financial Resource Library

We understand how crucial wealth management is to our clients, especially residents of Newport, Rhode Island. Oceanstate Financial makes you a top priority, by enabling our clients to build wealth and plan for their future. By offering a relevant financial resource library, we are poised to provide videos, articles, and presentations related to the industry. Whether you are interested in learning more about estate planning, insurance, investment, and retirement planning our resource library allows you to educate yourself on these topics on your own schedule.

How to Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding our services, need to get in touch with us, or want to know where we are located, look no further! Warwick Office

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